Trying the AIAIA TMA-1 Young Guru Headphones

We all have unique ear shapes and sizes. This makes it very challenging to find the perfect headphones. On top of this, these devices must also satisfy our ears when it comes to the music they deliver. Generally, the product that deliver great quality sound end up as being suitable for most people.

The Young Gurus developed by AIAIA satisfy most of the criteria that is needed when recording your own music professionally. This takes into account whether they are used for basic music listening or for professional use in the studio.

The AIAIA Young Guru Studio Headphones sound great and have very good build quality.In terms of the design, these AIAIAI’s look highly appealing and would be more than slick when co-ordinated with good looking studio monitors in a professional setting. The same could be said for the comfort level of these cans. This is because these aren’t made from plastic and they certainly don’t clamp on the ears forcefully. In fact, the majority of the frame is covered with soft material with the ear pads and head band feeling quite comfy.

The design feels very durable too and the cord gives off this feeling more than any other part. It feels and looks quite tough and it certainly doesn’t budge when pulled or bent.

The sound quality of the TMA-1s is really good overall. It is very easy to hear the naturally balanced sound that will be entering your ears in perfect accuracy. The sound has even been worked on by a famous sound engineer, Young Guru. He has previously worked with famous musicians such as Jay-Z so we can expect something that’s highly impressive.


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