Koss Make a Huge Statement with the Pro4S

The Koss brand has been terrific in producing amazing quality headphones in the past. The best thing about these guys is that they always focus on satisfying consumer needs rather than making more money. A major part of their philosophy is to develop cans with audiophile-grade sound quality at the lowest possible price. The great thing about all of this is that Koss have definitely succeeded in doing this.

The new Koss Pro4S studio headphones have some amazing features.While they have been meeting more challenges in the past few years, they have refused to shift from their philosophy. When it comes to headphones, they have had some incredibly effective ones, which have comprised of great quality without costing a premium price. Just recently Koss announced that they will focus more on this by recently releasing the Pro4S. The company stated that this new pair will build on Koss’ dedication to producing great accuracy in the sound and superb overall fitting.

The Pro4S has been designed for professionals in the studio setting. This means that it can be expected to have all the essential qualities that are needed when recording music. From initial testing, the sound has certain been very accurate and highly balanced. The overall quality of these cans make them ideal for use as a reference pair. They don’t quite make our top 3 list but nonetheless still have very good sound quality.

The materials utilized to construct these cans are very durable while the comfort is also satisfying. There are also some additional beneficial features such as detachable cables and the ability to fold into a compact shape for portability.

All of this can be expected for a premium price. However, considering the fact that this is a product developed by a top brand, we only have to spend around 150 bucks to get our hands on the Pro4S headphones!