Review: The Audio-Technica ATH-MSR7

In the years 2014 and 2015, most designer headphones like Beats have taken all the attention. They’ve certainly taken the spotlight away from brands like Sennheiser and Audio-Technica who always used to focus on sound quality. This shift in power has meant that more and more people look at the appearance before anything else when buying a new pair of headphones.

The Audio-Technica ATH-MSR7 look stunning and are excellent to use.As a consequence, these highly famous brands have also started to focus on the look. This has led to the creation of headphones that look great but also perform superbly. One such product is the ATH-MSR7 by Audio-Technica.

This $250 product is associated with eye-catching looks and top of the range performance. The MSR7s are made almost entirely of metal and the overall design looks of highly premium quality. The ear cups also feel like they’ve been made with very soft and luxurious material.

Being an Audio-Technica product, the sound has to be great and I found this to be true. This model offers highly detailed sound that is clear. This is delivered in an excellent combination with a tight bass.

If you end up going for this, you’ll also get an attractive carry pouch. I think at the price of $250, this is a superb product. The only problem is that the comfort could’ve been a tiny bit better and the tightly clamping headband is to be blamed for this.

Audio Technica Expanding the Legendary M line

Almost every audiophile has heard of Audio Technica. And if you ask these people to name one product made by this company, it is highly likely that they will say the M50. The ATH-M50 has been a bit of a legend in the music industry for a major part of the last decade. The superb overall quality of these studio monitor cans even urged to upgrade the Monitor line to create the ATH-M50x.

The M-line of the Audio-Technica headphones has always comprised of their best products.Now, it seems as if they’re going a step further by upgrading this highly popular line of monitor cans even further. As a consequence, Audio Technica have released the ATH-M70x which are professional monitoring headphones. There are several advantages this line holds when compared to the previous cans.

For example, the durability has been focused on greatly. Even though, the previous models were quite sturdy, the company has gone on to make the new line even tougher. The pads and headband are really comfortable too.

The ATH-M70x has been designed to have a wide range of features and uses. It certainly manages to work efficiently in most situations. From initial reports, it looks as if these headphones will be perfect to use for mixing and mastering in the studio. Along with this, they will also be perfect for DJs and casual use.

The sound quality has been developed to be more accurate while producing terrific noise isolation with minimum levels of bleeding. We found them to be a lot more impressive than the AIAIA TMA-1 headphones that we also tested.